~Eri In Space~

So I was awarded the opportunity of representing the Designer Feral.  It’s a smaller company within Second Life (SL), and one that seems more geared towards Role Play (RP}.  But, that’s the very reason why I asked to blog for them.  I like their items.  I like that it’s outside of my comfort zone and well I’m glad they honestly picked me.  So Feral if you are reading this, I thank-you and I hope that this blog and my future blogs bring credit to your designs.

Just a little about me.  Back in my early days of SL I used to be off RPing many a days.  Whether it was shooting at someone, or having a delicious bite of someone’s neck.  Ahhh yes, those were the days.  Now fast-forward to today, I mostly take pictures or help friends in whatever things that keep us busy, but there always seems to be a fun project for us all.

Now for what ya’ll came for.

What Blu is wearing:

Head – Vista Animations BENTO DIANA

Body – Slink  HourGlass @

Skin: – Colivati Beauty – Rena Applier for Vista Bento Heads

Hair – Rowne – Sanna in Black

Clothing and Accessories:

Spacesuit –  Feral – Eri – Hourglass, (comes rigged for Maitreya, Physique, Venus)

Helmet & Boots – Tokugawa Heavy Industries – T. Shock Helmet & T. Prototype Boots

Gauntlets – Shu Mesh  – Cyber Gauntlets

Disk is from – Spobbles Resident

I’ll stop here for now.  I’m a HUGE Si-Fi person.  I just don’t get the opportunity to do many pictures like this.  Thank-you to those that look and thank-YOU for stopping by.

Take care,



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