Fantasy Faire 2018! Are you Ready?

Hi Everyone~  I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but Fantasy Faire 2018 is starting TOMORROW (19 April 2018)!  I have been given the amazing opportunity to bring to you some wonderful designers this week.  So I will be dedicating my time and my blog this week and possibly into next, Fantasy Faire 2018!  Currently, they are the largest gatherers of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, and roleplay performers in support of the American Cancer Society.  Each year Fantasy Faire hosts their Relay for Life of Second Life (RFL) as a part to raise funds  for those battling breast cancer.

If you would like to contribute please go to their website to read up more information at: Relay For Life

This will be a very exciting week for me.  As I have stated in my previous blogs I love blogging roleplay costumes, action shots and of the like items.  I will do my best to bring you items that inspired me or that I felt needing showcasing in some way.  There will be Men’s items because Men often are left out.  I love showing both.

Today I have both my Male and Female Avatars shown.  So lets’ see what they are wearing today shall we?

Mermaid kiss3

What Blu is Wearing:

Ears: !MUSA!  – MermaidEar   –  Webbed Hands: Aii The Ugly & Beautiful Body: MAITREYA  Hair: Tableau Vivant  – Western Wind – Funky        *NEW*Mask: 1313 Mocking Bird Lane  SOON @ Fantasy Faire !!  Arm Chain: Decoy  *NEW* Coming Soon @ Fantasy Faire!! Skin:  ~Jeanette’s Joint  – Mer Skin (Omega) Head:  CATWA – Kimberly  – Body Scales: ~Cynefin (MarketPlace)  – Blues

What Rel is Wearing:

Webbed Hands: Evolved Creatures Body: Signature Hair: FABIA – Ahros- Annaturals *NEW* Coming Soon @ Fantasy Faire!! Skin:  ~Jeanette’s Joint  Mer Skin (Omega) Head:  CATWA

I wanted to put a note on the skins, since I’m such a fan of Fantasy skins that there are 7 skin options here for both Male and Female.  They are Deepwater, Pearled, Reef, Sunset, Island, Depths, and Kelp.  All which are Omega capable for all your mesh body needs.

skin mer

That it for today!  Thanks for reading and have a GREAT day!


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