~Vhaisse lu’Tarrila~

Another day for Fantasy Farie is upon us.  Have you taken a stroll over to see the exciting Sims?  I know I saw some IM traffic that there was some lag causing people not to be able to TP over, but I think that issue was resolved now that folks started throttling back on the amount of Huds and items they were able to wear to the location.  I mean, me personally, who does NOT want to wear their favorite sword to an RP loving SIM?  I get it!  But, if it helps 10 others get to TP to visit and see the amazing creators…then I’ll put my weapon down and help my fellow Avatar out.  Good Gaming to All!

What Blu is wearing today!


Body: Maitreya – Head: Vista Animations – Diana V. 1 –  Hair: ~~Mina  *NEW* Skin: ND/MD – ZOE – @ Fantasy Faire 2018

Accessories:  *NEW* Attitude – Vhaisse lu’Tarilla Silks Set – Ultra RareFantasy Faire 2018 (Belt, Collar, Armlet L/R, Greave L/R, Huds for colors) – Unisex

Ear Cuff: Seven – Shock Ear Cuff (this is an older item but I still love these)

Nose/Face Clips: Mad’ – Oracle Delux Nose and Lip Clips 

Weapons: *NEW* Attitude – Orbb D’Ariquelle – Left/Right and Hair Comb (comes with color changing hud as well) @ Fantasy Faire 2018

Nipple Covers:  Tam Trousseau – Mood Swings (multiple texture changes)

Snapshot_002This is the skin with Second Life Windlights set to [AnaLu] AvatarOpt Caliah Whiter, no makeup and no shadows set.

That is all for now.  Have a GREAT day!




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