So I’m starting to wind down on some of my Fantasy Faire pairings.  I love some of the looks I’ve put together.  It’s been a lot of fun.  I think it’s been such a great learning experience for me too as I’m a new blogger learning how to organize my items and how to represent (IMO) the best ways to show off these great designers items.  It’s gotta be hard to let someone else take care of your baby.  So, to you, all the designers that I’ve gotten too, and the ones I wanted to get too.  I thank-you all for your time, your efforts, your blood, sweat, and tears, and probably some frustrations that went into each of your designs.  With out clothes who would we be in Second Life?  Without a weapon?   Without our hair, or skin?  It makes our characters “us”. and without that…we would just be…Avatars.

What Blu & Rel are Wearing Today:



Body: Slink – HourGlass  – Head: Catwa –  Hanako 3.0 – Skin:  OVH & Co. – Yoon- Milk – Hair: FABIA – Ariana – Natural

*NEW*Outfit: Tamiron Forge – Lilothil (Loincloth/Top) – Red – (Belleza All, Slink All, Maitreya, & Classic Sizes XS – XL) @Fantasy Farie 2018

Accessories:  *NEW*{Acios} – Teleria Bracelet, Earrings, and Necklace set w/Hud @ Knife:  (from a kitchen set I borrowed and stretched out) @ Fantasy Farie 2018


Body  SIGNATURE – Gianni :  Head: CATWA  – Daniel – Skin:   Stray Dog – Yori – Tone 05 Hair: FABIA – John – Naturals (Seems I’m wearing this a lot, but I swear he has more than 1 hairstyle) *psst thank-you sissy for fitting the hair correctly (Cara Vespucciano-Arun)

*NEW* Outfit:  Tamiron Forge – Lorias  (Tunic, Robe, Tunic, Boots) – Red/Gold – @ Fantasy Farie 2018

That’s it for today.  Thank-YOU for looking!



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