The Hunter~

Hi Everyone and Welcome~  So today I decided to just do a male photo.  This is my Rel.  He’s so dreamy and I love a man who is soft to the eyes but knows how to handle a good bow.  *screams in her girly scream*  Ok, I couldn’t help myself.  I know I’ve been saying it a lot but have you been to Fantasy Farie 2018 yet?  No?  OMG, why not?  You could get a great RP outfit like this and many, many, others there.  Currently, the event is going from 19 – 29 April 2018.  Just stop what you are doing (after you finish reading these credits of course) and go…like now.  You won’t be sorry you did and if you find something you like let me know.  I’d love to hear what you bought or if you just loved touring the Sims, did some RP yourself or found a new friend.  Go here for more information: Fantasy Farie 2018

What my Rel is wearing:


Body: SIGNATURE  Skin: STRAY DOG – Uriel – Cotton – Hair: FABIA  – John – Naturals –

*NEW* Outfit: Feyline Fashions – Edmond (comes with everything you see, Hat, Hood, Cloak, Scarf, Straps, Belt, Boots, including the hunting knife and bow pack on his back) @ Fantasy Faire 2018

Pose & Accessories:  Reve Obscura – Huntress Bento Pose (w/mesh Bow & Arrow)

Thank-YOU for looking and have a GREAT day!


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