~Spring Dance~

Hi Everyone!  So today is a cute little picture inspired by the outfit.  But now that I say that, I guess that’s how most pictures go.  I look at something and say to myself, “hmm how would that be worn”.  I always, Always try to do couple pictures because 1.  I think they are sweet, and 2.  I think it’s more challenging.  These last two photos will be couples photos showcasing male and females items which I’m super happy with.  I think all role-playing should have the option.  I love having my Rel (when he is logged) RP with me and we have the best of fun.  He’s has a smart mouth but I love him for it.  Keeps me Sharper for it!

So, let’s get to this.  What Rel and Blu are wearing today!



Body: Signature – Gianni Body

Head: CATWA – Daniel

Hair: FABIA – John – Natural Tones

Skin: STRAY DOG – Uriel – Cotton w/Brows


Silks: – Lo Kajirus Designs – Marketplace – Port Kar Silks – Black – Ankle (L/R), Necklace, Silks, Arm wrap (L/R), Wrist cuff (L/R) – edited to fit but it’s all mod (nice)

Wings: *NEW* {Acios} – Angelic Wings – Static, but come in BENTO – Blue w/wingtip Hud (and thank-you the designer for making a static for picture/RP purposes too) @ 

Headpiece: *NEW* {Acios} – Gaia Crown – Whisper of Death – @ Fantasy Faire 2018


Body: Maitreya – Lara

Head: CATWA – Uma

Hair: MINA – Sanne – Browns

Skin:  OVH & Co. – Ethel Skin – NC 15


Wings:  *NEW* {Acios} – Angelic Wings – Static, but come in Bento w/wingtip color hud @ @Fantasy Faire 2018

Headpiece: *NEW* {Acios} – Gaia Crown – Flower Dreams -@ Fantasy Faire 2018

Body Wrap: {Acios} – Kallisto Body Wrap – White  – * This is from an entire outfit (Maitreya, Belleza All, Slink All) on MP @ Marketplace

If I left something off please let me know, but I think I got it all.  That’s it for today!  I’m going to do some retail thearpy for this spring allergie fest that I have going on.

Till next time.  Thank-YOU for looking~




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