~Shadow Vs. Penelope ~

Hello Everyone and Welcome!  So today’s look will be my last look for Fantasy Faire 2018.  I thought I’d try my best and go out with a bang so-to-speak.  I really want to spend more time over there and I’ve been a little sickly so it’s been hampering at my SL time and I so desperately want to go over there and see the lands for myself (all of them).  I have to admit I have seen Births skins before.  They’ve been around for a long time, but this is the first time I think I’ve ever worn (on Rel or myself) their skins.  I have to say I’m a bit of a skin ummm consumer (*coughs whore*).  I mean I love them.  I collect them even.  It’s a terrible habit that I admittedly hate, but it’s what I do.  Between Second Life (SL) landscaping and Skins that pretty much winds up most of my budget these days.  

Ok so back on topic.  Fantasy Faire only has a few more days left.  Please try to make it over there.  It runs from 19 – 29 April 2018 and they are celebrating their 10th year for the largest holders for fantasy designers, role players and performers in the virtual world. This event is in support of the American Cancer Society’s American Cancer Society vision of a world without cancer, so go, take a look at their page and better yet, go see them in-world @ Relay For Life

What Blu & Rel are Wearing



Head: CATWA  – Daniel  

Body: Signature –  Gianni 

Skin: *NEW*  Birth – Shadow – (Body appliers for Belleza, Omega, Signature, Slink) @ Fantasy Faire 2018

Hair: DECO – MarketPlace – Sloppy Mohawk – Mana


*NEW* Wings & Eyes: – Avatar Bizarre – Wyvern Royal (Gatcha Rare) & Wyvern Eyes Omega with Color Change Hud @ Fantasy Faire 2018

Chestplate: KROVA Marketplace – Simple Cuirass

Loincloth: Lo Kajirus Designs – Marketplace – Port Kar silks – Black

Feet: [e u r o p a ] – Khor Feet Male – M – Slate (did take modification to Signature body)


Head: CATWA – Pink


Skin: *NEW* Birth – Penelope – (Body appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Omega, Slink) @ Fantasy Faire 2018  

Hair: Adoness – Valhalla – Blue & Green


*NEW* Wings & Eyes: – Avatar Bizarre – Wyvern Royal (Gatcha Rare) & Wyvern Eyes Omega with Color Change Hud @ Fantasy Faire 2018

Earrings: *NEW* /studioDire/ – Feather Earring – Silver @ Fantasy Faire 2018

Chestplate & Skirt: The Forge & EZ Weaponry – Odessa Skirt, Steel & Top (bought off Marketplace – Gatcha but there are still some out there)

Feet: [e u r o p a] – Khor Feet Female M – Slate (did take modification to my Maitreya body)

A little look of the skins in SL windlights [AnaLu] AvatarOpt [Caliah Whiter}


So I’m still trying to get my blog a little more “organized”  Some pictures come out bigger, some smaller.  I’m trying to get skins in here to show you, but I’ve got a learning curve too, well, LEARN. lol.  I hope you bare with me while I learn all this.  But I hope you can see everything a ok.  I do have a Flickr as well and it’s on the right side of this post.

Thanks as always for looking and have a GREAT day!






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