Hi Everyone~  I hope your weekend was well and you were able to enjoy your days off.  IF you did have to work, I hope that today is your day of rest and relaxation.  Everyone deserves a day of rest.  *Ahhh’s at the thought of this*  Now that I come to think of this.  I never have a day off.  It’s ok, I mean it’s my life.  I’m always coming and/or going, but I choose that for myself.  That’s why I drink so much coffee.  Yes, I’ll admit it.  It’s my drug of choice, my addiction.  I am a much happier (and nicer) person with it in my life.  I did give it up for two months to see if it would help me with my Migraines, but alas, it did not.  

So, enough about me and my needs :P.  Today’s look is inspired because I love all things by the ocean to include the sea life, the smells, the sounds and those that live there.  I’m talking about MERMAIDS!  I Heart them so very much.  IF I could I’d probably run around most of my Second Life (SL) life with a tail on, but then I wouldn’t be able to go to a lot of the great venues w/out lag lol.  So today, I am sharing with you “my version” of a good Mermaid but honestly I love the ones that will bite your head off.

What Blu is Wearing Today.

Tidal MermaidFinal


Head: Chloe 3.0 – Always Worn…Mostly

Body: Maitreya – Always Worn…Mostly

Skin: *New* ::B&C:: – Lindsay – shown in Tone 3 – Comes in 5 tones (please see below)

Hair: !* ARGRACE* CHIZURU – Coppers


Commons: *NEW*~TIDAL~ Opis – Lagoon – Bracelet L/R, Earrings L/R Eye Jewel L/R, Forehead Jewel, Necklace, Pouch (body), Pouch Waist ALL comes UN-Rigged so we can all get that PERFECT FIT! (comes in colors Coral Reef, Depths, Lagoon) @ Fantasy Faire 2018 LAST DAY (Sorry My hair is covering the earrings I realize this AFTER I did the photo uggh.)

Rares: *NEW* ~TIDAL~ Crown, Bra w/ color changing hud ALL Comes UN-Rigged so we can ALL get that PERFECT Fit!! (comes in colors Coral Reef, Depths, Lagoon) @ Fantasy Faire 2018 LAST DAY


Scales: *NEW* ~TIDAL~ Naiad Dreams Body Scales – Maitreya (comes for Omega as well) & in 7 colors @ Fantasy Faire 2018 LAST DAY

Tale: *The Cove – Tidal Tail – Maitreya – Fitted for Slink as well w/color changing hud

Webbed Hands: Aii the Ugly & Beautiful – Webbed Hands – comes w/color changing hud

This outfit (jewels and all) is available at Fantasy Faire 2018 but since today is the last day RUN don’t walk there!!!! Tidal @ Fantasy Faire 2018 Otherwise their store is here ::Bite&Claw:: / ~TIDAL ~ Mainstore which I’m sure they’ll be putting this pretty number in their store real soon.

Here are the skins side-by-side w/no additional lighting just standard SL lighting [AnaLu] AvatarOpt (Caliah)Whiter:


Well that’s it for me.  Go to the last day of Fantasy Faire 2018!! You won’t regret it!  I’m going to go cook so much-needed dinner!

Thank-YOU for reading.



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