Hi Everyone.  I hope all is well today.  I didn’t do a post yesterday, mostly because I was suffering from a Migraine.  Gosh I can’t stand when I have them.  So today I’m trying to make up and do my post from yesterday.  So I’m officially behind and trying to get caught up and make up time.  I try not to let that bother me, but it does because I have so many creators that depend on me and I honestly want to do MY best to get their amazing products out.  They always say, “First Life always”, but I have to admit, I always feel a bit guilty for feeling sick or taking time off.  *Signs*

Anyways, no-one wants to hear me complain, you all came to see my pretties I have to present to you today.  It’s a different look for PREY.  They are trying a few casual looks to keep day-to-day life interesting, so that it what I am presenting as well as a really nice skin from WoW.

What Blu is Wearing Today:




Head: Catya – Always Worn…Mostly

Body: Maitreya – Always Worn…Mostly

Skin: *NEW* .::WOW::. – Laika & Shape *included* – Wearing in Tan for Catwa OR .::WoW::. Marketplace

Hair: Truth – Polly – Brunette – w/stylist Hud OR Truth Marketplace


Since I was going for a minimalist look earrings were left off intentionally this time 😀

Complete outfit by PREY: *NEW* – Serena – Jacket, Joggers & Shoes included w/Hud to change your pants words on back of waist or pant leg OR PREY Marketplace although newer items are not on MP yet.

This is a closer look of the skin taken in Second Life’s Windlights:  [AnaLu] AvatarOpt (Caliah) Whiter.  Here is Laika in Milk, Tan, Dark Tan, Golden, & Caffee


Oh I almost forgot!  The awesome scene that is in our background is from marina bay shop Marketplace and I just thought it was super cute and a great place to be harassed at!!!

Well that’s it for me today.

Thank-YOU For Reading.  Have a GREAT Day!





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