About Me:

Just me and my Many faces 😀

Me:  I’m a Second Life (SL) Avatar who loves taking pictures.  That’s actually where all this started.  I started exploring by taking profile pictures at first, caught the photography bug, entered a few photo contests and WHAM!  Here I am.  Flickr has been my main platform for some time, but I thought I’d branch out a bit and offer my followers some of the links from the stores I shop from.

Poses:  Just for peace of mind to all the wonderful pose makers in our Second Life ~  I make all my poses unless *noted* I think it’s important to list all items fairly and honestly on my blog and I try to be forthcoming here.  I am Human behind this Avatar and I do forget some things from time-to-time.  If I forget, please drop me a line and I will get that item for you, but all my poses, unless listed are done by me, or my sister Cara Vespucciano-Arun.

My thoughts on Blogging:  I strive for quality over quantity (or try my best at my given skill set in PhotoShop & my SL Photography skills).  That said, I select what I find attractive and what I believe will showcase that particular item the best way that I can.  For me it’s about the photo as much as the items displayed.

Second Life is a wonderful platform. I won’t PS to Death by making it what it’s not. I will enhance by telling a story or adding slight graphics. But I won’t darken, morph or twist items to make them look different. I don’t want folks looking at my pics and then be disappointed in the item. Kinda makes sense…right?

I No longer will support, nor purchase items that are 1 body exclusives. I’m sorry but this is a wonderful creative world. I want to embrace those shapes and MY Lindens will go towards those designers from this day on. If it’s sold for only 1 body I will not buy it (no matter how great it is).

Cheers, and thank-you for stopping by!