Always Worn….mostly

***Just a note. I will no longer support NOR purchase Designer items who sell XX Body Exclusives.****

So I thought this would be easier to post here what I wear for Bodies vs. posting them everyday.  I’m sure you get tired of looking as I get tired of posting.  So this is the “stuff” I wear from day-to-day.  Skins, well that changes daily because I’m a self-proclaimed “skinwhore” and well I can never seem to agree to a look for too long.  I like pale in Second Life, but it does not translate very well to a lot of pictures unless going for that kind of look.  Anyways I am rambling…

What I wear:


Slink – Hourglass & Physique

Signature Alice

Belleza *Freya*, Isis, & Venus – *MY* Body of Choice

I also have the Maitreya body, but I really do NOT care for it and will only blog it when required (Item rigged ONLY for the Maitreya Body)…which I really try NOT to blog often because we all have different bodies and such…as in RL. It’s not a one glove fits all kind of world


Lelutka – Simone, Cate, Chloe, Spencer & Aida – as for now my Favorite is Cate, but the newer skins do not fit well on her head…so I wear these NOT very often

Catwa – Catya, Hanako, Kimblery, Koura, Lilly, Tala, Uma, Pink, Eve

Genus ProjectClassic*, Baby, Strong (*my go to)

AK – Nadia, Lisa, Lucie, Morgan, Rama, Cleo & The BOM Beta

LOGO – Mae

I really try to support Designers whom support MORE than one body. I see a lot of “exclusives” and I just think those kinda markets should NOT exist in ANY World.

***Just a note. I will no longer support NOR purchase Designers items who sell XX Body Exclusives.****