Blu’s Designer List

So since I’ve started blogging I have been asked by a few great designers OR Event Managers to Blog some of their items.  I am OVER the moon about this, because these few and very talented designers have given me their “blessing” to show their items.  So, I feel very much honored to be showcasing their designs to YOU, my readers.  I hope you go and see their wonderful creations and I hope I’ve done my best in showcasing their designs in a way that makes them happy.  By Alphabetical Order: *This is a WIP, but please if you have questions just email me.iPiccy-collageFEB2019.jpgANNEX OR ANNEX Marketplace

Elemental OR Elemental Marketplace

Enchantment Event – Lord Of The Rings – Coming Feb 2019

HEXtraordinary OR HEXtraordinary Marketplace

LUAS OR LUAS Marketplace

Lyndy in Chains (L.I.C) – Mainstore OR L.I.C – Marketplace


Noble Creations OR Noble Creations Marketplace

ND/MD OR ND/MD Marketplace

*[SK]* OR SK Marketplace

The Forge OR The Forge Marketplace

Vannies Hosiery OR Vannies Hosiery Marketplace


The Enchantment Event

The Gacha Gardens – Going on NOW till 28 Feb 2019

The Imaginarium


Eclipse~ February 2019 Round!

My personal Motto is quality over quantity.  I really like to give each Designer the same amount of time for each photo/blog.  That being said I really love the names listed above and I hope that shows in my work, as I strive for good, clear, quality photos in each of my blogs.  As I strive to improve my skills as a Photographer and Photo Shop skills too, I feel that I don’t need 125+ designer’s to prove my worth and nor do I have that kinda time.  “This”, Blogging is a passion, but I don’t want it to be a job and I value my Real Life time as much as my Second Life time to be creative.

I hope you understand and value my thoughts on the matter.

Thank-you for Reading,

MsBlu Moonwall


Just a note if you are wondering.  I removed Rel only because I couldn’t get Designers on board for him (since technically he is a working Avi).  I still would like to blog Mens clothing, but if you don’t have anything to blog then it’s kinda a bummer.