Blu’s Designer & Events List

My hard working and CREATIVE Designers

Just a little about me and my work ethic. I love to do photography, but HONESTLY….I like to keep my Designers list short. One because my RL is really changing daily. With Covid 19 and Real life “shit” to do I have to keep my list extra short these days. Real Life has taken quite a turn from what I thought I was going to be able to do with my “flex time”. With that said I’ve had to cut back on my Designers list and I hope…when all this is calmer, I’ll be able to pick up and continue blogging the Designers and Events that I love so much. I hope you understand and I thank-you for taking the time to read this ❤

– In Alphabetical Order & Events –


irrISIStible Marketplace

Lyndy in Chains Marketplace
23Monso Monso – Marketplace
Malena Von Dash
MVD – Marketplace
232Nuve Skins & Cosmetics (formerly Spicy Skins)
Nuve Skins & Cosmetics – Marketplace
PetrichorPetrichor Marketplace

~Second Life Shopping Events~

FaMESHed X – An Every-Other-Month Shopping Event
We Love Role Play – A Monthly Shopping Event