Blu’s Designer & Events List

My hard working and creative Designers

I keep my list short. One because my RL is starting to become busy again, and 2. because I really DO LIKE keeping my list short. I LOVE SL, my friends, family and landscaping when I get the chance. I like to shop whenever I want too…when I take on more designers I have less time to do the things that I love most in SL, being with my friends and being creative with them.

I hope you understand and I thank-you for reading ❤

– In Alphabetical Order & Events –

ATMOS – Mainstore
ATMOS – Marketplace
DS’Elles Marketplace
irrISIStible Marketplace
Lyndy in Chains Marketplace
Noble Creations [NC] –
Noble Creations Marketplace

~Second Life Shopping Events~

Enchantment – A Quarterly Themed Event
FaMESHed X – An Every-Other-Month Shopping Event
We Love Role Play – A Monthly Shopping Event
Cyber Fair – 5 – 25 March 2020
HullabaZoo – An Annual Charity About the Event – In Second Life Land Mark