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~Dark Summer~

Hi Everyone! Well this picture isn’t your “typical” sunny day. It’s a bit gloomy, and the rain is messing with poor Blu’s beautiful hair. BUT, that’s how it is here from time-to-time. One minute it’s sunny, the next it’s like cloudy and just damp. Totally not good for the hair or makeup that’s for sure. Oh…and yes I DO love me a good Parasol.

What Blu is Wearing:


Larger Picture on my Flickr ——————————————————————————————————————>

Head: Genus Strong

Body: Maitreya

Skin: *NEW* Boataom – Wearing EU for Genus – Marketplace

Hair: Magika – Please – Wearing M – Did you go to their 50% off sale recently??? If not shame on you! (BTW thank-you for that sale IF you ever look at this…which I doubt, but it’s ok <3)


Dress, Shoes, Umbrella & Purse: *NEW* AsteroidBox. – Dark Summer *GACHA* – Rigged for Maitreya OR Slink Hourglass – to include Petite Chest – Colors: Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red – Available @ the Epiphany

Commons: Sunglasses (includes lens options),Parasol – Stripes, Plain or Moon, Sandals – w/3 metal changes, Summer Dress – w/3 metal changes

Rare: Satchel – includes large fatpack Hud and hold animation

Bike: BUENO – Bike in Silver – *GACHA* – this does have poses in it, but not the look I was going for today, 6 Land Impact

Pose:  All poses are created by me unless noted here

Well that’s it for me today, but don’t you worry I have some goodies to show you very soon. Have a great day!



Hi Everyone~  Ok, so today’s Blog is catching up on the much-needed skin for the delicious looking Maverick skin.  I promised a few days ago that I was going to do a close up and I finally am happy with this photo.  I think this is my 3rd try.  Sometimes you are happy with a shot and sometimes you take a picture are happy with how you took it, rethink and trash it.  I’m sure there are others that will agree with me.  So, what are you are seeing is my 3rd attempt and well I think this is the MOST fun.  I am new to :::ChicChica::: Items but when I saw this little wine bottle I was like…Well I’ll refrain from what I actually said but trust me It was colorful as I love to cuss a lot sooooo it was a must buy.

What Rel is Wearing *Coughs* 


Head: Daniel

Body: Signature

Skin: *NEW* Birth – Maverick – Wearing Tone 3 – for Catwa only – Comes in 9 Tones (see below) with multiple hair/body options and 6 beards (tintable) facial hairs as well.  Rel is wearing the Body hair in Black & Eyebrows in Brown – Was at the Hipster Event OR Birth Marketplace

Hair:  ::C’est la vie ! Roy hair – Brown w/ hud for 6 color/shade options OR ::C’est la vie ! Marketplace

Pose: :::ChicChica::: – Lonely Evening – Bento Pose – Modified to have me sit in my lovely chair, but you can sit, walk and run with this in your hand – gotta say pretty dang awesome little attachment – Comes with color changing Hud for Red and white wines and mod script for easy making smaller/larger to fit your Avi needs OR :::ChicChica::: Marketplace

Chair: BUENO – Silence Chair – *Gatcha* – these are still available on Marketplace but I bought this moons ago

Here is another view of Maverick in Tones 1 – 9 side-by-side using Second Life’s Windlights [AnaLu] AvatarOpt (Caliah) Whiter using Advanced lighting but graphics set to Mid.


Just a reminder on this skin that the hairbases included on this skin are Black, Blonde, Brown, Red and there is an on/off button for the hairbase/beards.  Demo’s are always free and this skin is available at Monthly Male Event but hurry there’s only a few more days. 

Well that’s it for me.  I’m working on another male skin review (well it’s in the thought process) because I love this male skin line.  Thank-YOU for reading!