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~Fairy Aurora~

Hi Everyone!  Yeahhh today I get to show everyone my pretty little Fairy I’ve been working on.  IF I had more time I probably could have spent hours working on this pretty little number, but well I am under the gun on this one and well that’s ok too.  Sometimes it’s nice to see if you can put out a quality picture and not have like 20+ hours in a photo (kidding of course).  Today’s look is by the lovely *Vanilla Bae*!  I loved it so much I just had to blog it.  You KNOW my love of all things magical, role play and well yes I guess pretty too.  So I bring to you my faster than I like, but I still think it’s pretty look *winks*.VBfairydone.pngBlu

Head: Pink

Body: Maitreya

Skin: DeeTaleZ  – Merry – Nordic Tone- Catwa OR DeeTaleZ Marketplace – is an older skin but I still love it and wear it often 

Hair: *NEW*  Exile – Flowers in the Sun – Natural Fusion – Available from 15 Jun – 5 Jul 2018 @ Rewind Event


Dress & Harness:*NEW*   *Vanilla Bae* – Aurora Dress Stripable *RARE*- Rigged for Maitreya, Freya w/ 21 color changing Hud – Available for purchase from 20 Jun – 19 July 2018 @ LootBox

Wings:*NEW*   *Vanilla Bae* – Huge Wings – *RARE* w/mini color changing Hud – (comes with Fairy Wand not shown) – Available for purchase from 20 Jun – 19 July 2018 @ LootBox

Necklace: *NEW*   *Vanilla Bae* – Aurora Neck Leafs – Common – Rigged for Maitreya, Freya – White – Comes in Redbrown, Mint, Pine, Yellow – Available for purchase from 20 Jun – 19 July 2018 @ LootBox

This is a super cute set and I hope you take advantage of all of what LootBox has to offer.  They have LOTS of goodies!  Now go and have fun!  Thank-YOU for reading.



Hi Everyone!  Ahhh it’s Summertime and what could be more relaxing and rewarding then going outside when it’s super hot, letting your hair down and taking a dip into the water.  *thinks about this a moment and ahhh’s again*  I would love nothing more than to dip my toes into the nice saltyness of the Seas, but I am far from any Ocean for that matter.  So, to get my needs settled at least I can feel like I’m almost there with this awesome little number from .Epoch.  They have granted me the privilege to blog for their well crafted and fun numbers, so with this I Thank-Them.  This technically is lingerie, but I think it could pass for a swimsuit, a pretty little nighty or lingerie.  You make it what you wish. 



Body: Maitreya

Skin: *Birth* – Bliss – Wearing Tone 3  –  Comes in 8 Tones and was blogged in a previous blog Here OR *Birth* Marketplace

Hair: *New – Navy&Copper – Mulberry – wearing Ginger’s size 1 – this pack has 35 color options  @ Rewind Event till 5 July 2018 


Top – *NEW*  .epoch. – Gifted Crop – Comes available in 3 color Hud options, to include additional color Hud for bow on top front (not shown) –  Dark, Light, or Pattern – wearing pattern option – Rigged for Maitreya, Hourglass & Freya only – Suicide Dollz from 17 Jun – 29 Jun 2018

Bottom – *NEW* .epoch. – Gifted panties – Comes available in 3 color Hud options, to include additional color Hud for bow on panties – Dark, Light or Pattern – Wearing pattern – Rigged for Freya, Hourglass & Maitreya only – This item is available at Suicide Dollz from 17 Jun – 29 Jun 2018

I really Loved this item.  It photos really well and I just wanted to make a simple and clean photo (to me anyways) of how pretty it is in the details.  The color Huds are really nice.  Go check them out at Suicide Dollz.

Well that’s it for me today.  I have some awesome stuff coming up this week.  Think a little bikini, a few skins, and a fairy!  Sounds kinda all over the place, but that’s what I love about SL.  You can be whatever YOU want to be today, and tomorrow be a whole new YOU!

*waves* Bye and thank-you for reading.