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~Frozen Elves~

Hi Everyone! I know it’s a bit early to be doing snow themed items, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. irrISIStible brings us today these lovely items for the Gacha Garden Event starting on the 1st of November. So get your tails down there. I’ll be going for sure. Hey! If you see me say hi too.

What Blu is Wearing:

Larger Picture on my Flickr ———————————————————————>>>>>>>>

Blu (this is just “me” times two)

Head:   (see what I wear on my “what I wear mostly” tab)

Body: Maitreya

Accessories Up for Chance

Complete outfit up for grabs: *NEW*irrISIStible – Frozen Elf – Rigged for Maitreya ONLY – Available @ The Gacha Gardens on 1 November 2019

Skins: Catwa, Omega, Maitreya in Blue, Pink or Purple

Prim Spine Stars, Boots, Ears, Headpiece and Horns, Bodysuit, Long Skirt and Short, Necklace, Shoes (but are more like anklets), Hair, Mesh Eyes- All but boots come in 3 color options – Blue, Pink, Purple

Shape is made by me using the classic Genus head and Maitreya body

Pose:  All poses are created by me unless noted here

Just FYI on the closed eyes for the elf..I had to fix them cause they kept glitching in SL. They don’t typically but while I was taking these pictures SL was giving me MAJOR issues (opening and closing) it was quite frightful…but it WAS Halloween after all when I was shooting this. It was NOT my computer I swear. O’well…fun times ūüėõ

Such a lovely, Wintery costume.

Get yours now!

Thanks for reading with me,


~Music Box~

Hi Everyone.  Today I bring to you a little bit of my darker side.  I love dabbling in all looks actually.  My favorite of course is pretty much any RP character, or Mermaid (dark or sweet) but that is what I love about blogging.  You can change your style with your mood or by just whatever inspires you!

What Blu is Wearing:Gimmielastsmall.pngBlu

Head: Catwa Lilly

Body: Maitreya


Hair: *NEW* FABIA – Varda – *GACHA* – Comes in normal or larger breasts, Colors: Red, Black, Blond, Brown, Dr. Brown, Dr. Blond, Ginger, Pastels, Unnaturals, White – Comes with option to wear w/w-out Jewels on face –¬† Available @¬†The Gacha Gardens¬†

Mesh Ears: *NEW* ¬†‚Äst:Le Gene:¬†‚Äď Ruby&Stars ‚Äď *Gatcha* ‚Äď Available @¬†The Gacha Gardens¬†¬† Rares: Fatpack & Tattoo set for ears ‚Äst Commons: Ruby ‚Äď 1 ‚Äď 6 Or Stars -7 ‚Äď 12 with 15 skin/tint and 10 gem combinations – Available @¬†The Gacha Gardens¬†


Bolero: – *NEW* Nana – Ryann Black Bolero – Rigged for Freya, Hourglass, Slink, Tonic Fine, Venus – Included Hud for metal’s – Comes in colors Baby, Black *WORN*, Gold, Purple, Red, Silver, Teal, White – Available @ this round of Suicide DollZ

Head Jewel – *NEW* –¬†VENGE – Head Jewel – Tear *worn* Heart, Star – *Rare* – *GACHA* – comes w/Hud for Jewel coloring – Available @¬†The Gacha Gardens¬†

Dress: Violent Seduction – Lilith Dress *RARE Gacha* – Marketplace

Boots: *NEW* ¬†‚ÄstNANIKA¬†‚Äď Tatiana Set ‚Äď *GACHA* Rigged for Maitreya ‚Äď Rares include Heels w/stockings 1 or 2 & come with Hud for Stocking/Heel Change ‚Äď Commons Include colors 1 ‚Äď 10 w/bow and 1 ‚Äď 8 Heels ‚Äď ¬†Available @¬†The Gacha Gardens¬†

Music box: *NEW* 3rd Eye Perceptions РMythborn Music Box Р*GACHA* Comes in 10 animated boxes, Moving Key & Gears Р24 Land Impact РUltra Rare display Case w/Texture Hud Р(using for my backdrop & in my hands) РAvailable @ The Gacha Gardens 

Tattoo: *NEW* –¬†THIS IS WRONG Druid Tattoo – Applier ready for Slink, Belleza Jake, Maitreya/Belleza, Signature – Comes in Blue, Green, Red, Black *Rare* in upper or lower tattoos and face tattoo’s – Available @¬†The Gacha Gardens¬†

Pose:  All poses are created by me unless noted here

Well that’s it for me today.¬† I hope you have a GREAT rest of your day.¬† Now go!¬† I need coffee!


~Gamer Room~

Hi Everyone!¬† Today’s look was inspired by my love of all things Electronic.¬† I try to be a gamer/nerd, but honestly I’m just not hence why my little puppy decided to come out and play aka crashing my scene.¬† About 95% of the items are all from the Gatcha Gardens.¬† For the sake of making this easier for you to read all Home & Garden/Clothing are from the Current round of The Gatcha Gardens and are Available until the 28th Of Feb 2019, OR better yet, head on over to their Website and take a look at all the goodies to come: The Gatcha Gardens Website is HERE

What Blu is Wearing:


Larger Pic on Flickr


Body: Maitreya

Hair: DOUX – Gabby Hair – Wearing All tones – Available @ Dubai


Dress: *NEW* BlackJack РTokyo StreetWear РAvailable @ The Gacha Gardens  Rares: Dress w/out pose, Dress w/Pose and both come with Texture Huds РCommons: 4 options on Skirts, Clutches, Tops, & Leg Garters

Boots: ::Alicia Schulz:: – Cassandra Red Boots – Rigged for Maitreya & Physique/Hourglass only – Marketplace

Mesh Ears: *NEW* :Le Gene: – Ruby&Stars – *Gatcha* – Available @ The Gacha Gardens ¬† Rares: Fatpack & Tattoo set for ears –¬† Commons: Ruby – 1 – 6 Or Stars -7 – 12 with 15 skin/tint and 10 gem combinations

Home & Garden

Computer Stuff: *NEW*Rassuel – Gammer Room – *GATCHA* – Available @ The Gacha Gardens Rares: Gammer Room – *Skybox* – 20 Land Impact, Gamer Chair – 3 Land Impact Commons: Desk, Gamer Chair SOI, Headset (wearable too), Headset & Stand, Joystick, Monitor, Speaker, Gamer Case

Puppy Items: *NEW* –¬†[Rezz Room] – Bulldog Puppy Set – *GATCHA* – Available @ The Gacha Gardens ¬†Rares: Puppy Animesh Companion – Commons: Puppy Bark, Family, *Play*, Sit, Sleep – Bulldog Puppy Rezz Room, *Collar Table*, Painting Bulldog, – *Cushion Bone*

Heart Display Shelf & Vase Decor: *NEW* –¬†¬†Moon_Sha – Love Set – Available @ The Gacha Gardens¬†Rares: Leather Heart Puff – Black, Red, White w/sitting animations¬†Commons:Leather Heart Puff Gray, Brown, Green, Purple, Blue w/sitting animations – Heart Pot – Black, Red, Blue, Gold, White – Heart Shelf – Black, White, Wood

Comic Dolls: *NEW* –¬†Bang! – Marvelous Webbed – Available @ The Gacha Gardens¬†Rares: Cat Thief, The Actress, Future Spider, Ms. Spider, The Mystery, The Spider (new), Spiders Crush, Symbiote, The Spider II, Exclusive: Spider II Swing, Spider Swing, Spider Girl, The Spider (new), Ms. Spider, Chaosymbiote, – Commons: MilesUnmasked, The Spider (iron), The Buzzard, The Goblin, The Spider, The Reptile, The Spider (armor), Spider’s Aunt, Octoman, Electron, Peter Unmasked, SymbioSpiderman, Rhinoman – Gift Spider’s Uncle

Pose:  All poses are created by me unless noted here

I didn’t post, per my usual on skin or head because honestly you can barely see them.¬† Sometimes you just can’t get a good angle for it all.¬† I’ll try better next time ūüėõ

I thank-YOU for reading.



Hi Everyone!¬† Quick post today so I won’t be chatting your ears off *hears the crowd go wild*!¬† Yes, yes I know sometimes I ramble but well sorry.¬† Sometimes I just like chatting with you guys so much *winks*¬† So today’s look was inspired because today I NEED FN coffee.¬† Yes, currently as I type this I have not had any and I want it, I love it and I am thinking about it brewing as I type.¬† *I’m a little crazy*, So this is what brought me this idea.¬† The shirt is not a PJ shirt, but it looked comfy and since I’m not typically (in SL) a comphy cozier lady I thought this might work, bed hair and all.¬† So without further a due.

What Blu is Wearing:epochbedworking1.pngHair:¬†¬†*ARGRACE* – Yakumo – I think this is the first time I’ve ever worn it (finally) – wearing whites – Marketplace

Coffee Mug:  *MishMish* РClay Family Coffee Mug Рwas a gift from my BFF and this is the cutest ever coffee mug, it just cheers up any bad day HONEST РComes w/Hud so you can accessorize to your hearts desire! РMarketplace

Top & Chest Tattoos:¬† *NEW*.epoch. – Party Bra & Pull over – Rigged for Freya, Hourglass, Maitreya – Colors are: White, citrus, cupcake, floral, flowers, lace black, lace white, pizza, party –¬† Bra Comes w/6 options – There are 3 body appliers too which include broken heart, pizza or *stars* worn¬† which are Omega –¬† Available @ N21

Bed:¬† Gracefully Wicked – Starlight Bed (PG) – I’ve had this forever.¬† I think I used it for like a month moons ago in a cabin but I still love it and pull it out from time to time when I need a “comphy” look and can’t find what I’m looking for in current rounds for shopping – Marketplace

*Yawns* well now that I look at this picture yes its a more simple picture but sometimes life can be simple.¬† I’m in a bit of a rush today because well there is this thing called RL that we ALLLL must do from time to time.¬† Thursdays are my busy day with kids, sporting them around, grocery shopping *snores* uggh RL stuff so I wont bore you with my GLAM Real life.

Go on now!¬† Go get some sunshine.¬† Here it’s a beautiful day.¬† Thank-You for reading and catching up with me.