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Hi Everyone~  So my love of all things Asian are going to show in this post.  Just a weee bit about my Real Life (hope you don’t mind) I lived in Japan for almost 6 years.  I loved it.  The people were amazing and so sweet everywhere I went.  My broken language was terrible, but at least I tried and I think that is what got them the most.  I was someone not of their Country trying my best to get to know them that best I could.  I loved every minute of being there.  I missed being away from family and friends was the only drawl back, but I loved the experiences, food and memories and I will always cherish them.

OK.  Enough about memory lane.  I’m going to show you today a skin that will be at Vintage Fair from 8 – 24 Jun 2018 and a few Freebies & not so Freebies from Lyndy-in-Chains (L.I.C.) w/group join, which if I remember correctly is FREE too. 

So, sit back and relax.  I’m soooo excited about Vintage Fair – South.  Who know’s maybe next year I’ll apply to blog for it!!  *winks*

What Blu is Wearing:ndmdfinal1


Head: Catya – (for these pictures I used my Catya head because I got the shape sent to me after I took these photos)

           Lilly for the Skins Side-by-Side & Shape by Creator

Body: Maitreya 

Skin: NEW – ND/MD – Suzu Skin – Wearing Tone Tan – Comes in 4 Tones  & Available for Vista + Catwa w/moles, Freckles, Freckles w/moles face tattoos.  @ Vintage Fair – South

Hair: NEW *Free w/Group Join*–  TRUTH – Fiji – Wearing Brunette – Group Gift for Group Members for June (not shown flower) – Comes in Blonde, Brunette, Candy, Grayscale, Jewel, Multitone 1/2, Rainbow, Redhead, and Stylist Hud (Awesome BTW) OR Truth Marketplace (but you need to go to store for this hair) OR ND/MD Marketplace


Earrings: – L.I.C.*FREE w/Group Join* – Bamboo Hoop Earrings  w/color changing Hud/tone too OR L.I.C. Marketplace

Necklace: NEW –  L.I.C.*FREE w/Group Join* – Return to LIC Choker w/color changing Hud/tone too – Rigged for Freya, Isis, Venus, Maitreya, Slink all , TMP, Tonic OR L.I.C. Marketplace

Dress: L.I.C. – Guile Cloth – w/color & texture & fabric color change – Rigged for Hourglass, Maitreya, Slink All, TMP, Tonic Fine & Curvy OR L.I.C. Marketplace

Eyemakeup (first picture only)  ND/MD – Zoe Eye Makeup – Omega Adv. Applier – this comes in 3 shades Blue, Green, or Plum AND comes available for Catwa  – Multiple shades in each pack – I’m wearing Plum – OR ND/MD Marketplace 

Fingertips: NEW L.I.C. – Fingertips – w/color changing Hud – Rigged for Maitreya, Slink, Tonic, Tuty OR L.I.C. Marketplace

Fingernails: L.I.C. – Metallic Nails – w/color changing Hud – Rigged for Maitreya, Slink, Tonic, Tuty OR L.I.C. Marketplace

Here is Suzu again in Second Life with Windlights [AnaLu] AvatarOpt (Caliah) Whiter from Cream, Pale, Light & Tan

ndmd closeupJust FYI I did try this skin with my LAQ head and it looked really cute.  My only thing was it didn’t look Asian anymore (since I own Poppy) and I was going for that look.  But I still thought it looked really great.  IF you have any Omega head I did read in a notecard that you can try the skin with other bento heads that are Omega capable, just please try the DEMO first.  It’s at a discount while at Vintage Fair – South where ND/MD is , but after that it goes up in price, so just FYI on that too.

I still haven’t found the “right set-up” for me to show skins side-by-side which is why you keep seeing different versions of skins next to one another.  I place them on here to see what I like and come back and “re-look”.  I like this so far because the skins you can see next to one another better IMO.  And yes I show the nipples, but this is a 18+ blog and well I like to know my lady bits are well…beautiful :D. 

Well that’s it for me today.  Thank-YOU For reading & have a GREAT Day!



Hi Everyone~  So today is officially HUMP Day!!! *whoots* And I must say, I’m sitting here on Second Life (SL) talking/chatting with my niece Nickie Rose and I’m going to admit something to you all.  I’ve committed the worst sin ever.  *Leans over and whispers in your ear* I’ve NOT had coffee this morning *leans back and waits for it*…I know, I know! I don’t know what I am THINKING!  Trying to write a blog, take pictures without my energy source.  It IS a SIN!!!! *Hear’s sin, sin, sin repeatedly echo in her ears*

Uggh Let me go get my fuel for the day! *Walks away for a moment*

Soooo sorry about that everyone! Ok now I am ready *offers everyone a coffee and a smile.  I am more like myself now.  Ok so today I have some pretties to show you.  So sit back, grab your favorite beverage and relax.  Let me do all the talking.

What Blu is Wearing:



Head: Catya

Body: Slink Hourglass

Skin: – ND/MD – Zoe Skin – Face 1 – Comes in 5 tones, for Vista, Catwa, Lelutka or OMEGA Heads – Brow or no brow options available – Wearing w/Catya – OR ND/MD Marketplace 

Hair: tram – C426 hair – wearing Maroon- comes in Amber, Beige, Black, brown, Cork, Creamyellow, Darksalmon, Gray also 


Lingerie: *NEW* Ricielli – Nayla – w/18 color options & includes Belt, Chain, Bra, Bra chain, Garter, Garter chain, Panties – Rigged for Maitreya, Slink all @ Kinky Event

Ears: *NEW* ^^Swallow^^ – Princess Ears – w/color tinting options OR ^^Swallow Marketplace^^

Makeup:  ND/MD – Zoe Eye Makeup Blu – Omega Adv. Applier – this comes in 3 shades Blue, Green, or Plum AND comes available for Catwa also.  Multiple shades in each pack – I’m wearing Green – OR ND/MD Marketplace 

I hope you like this look.  The lingerie is so well done.  Go out and get something sexy for yourself. 

Well that’s it for me today.